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Welcome to Find Me Lead! Explore our comprehensive services designed to enhance your business interactions. From customized lead generation to innovative bio link solutions and a multi-user management system, we provide everything you need to optimize your networking and lead management.

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82% of people consider business cards an essential part of business networking, even in the digital age.


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Businesses that use lead generation tools see a 50% increase in lead conversion rates.

Trndex is proudly part of Cognatrix
A leading digital marketing and digital transformation company.


100% of users report a more streamlined and professional networking experience using NFC digital business cards.

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Special Service

From customized lead generation to partner-led engagement, we offer a complete suite designed to attract, nurture, and convert leads. Through innovative bio link integration and strategic partnerships, we ensure seamless connections and optimized interactions.


Lead Generation

Tailor-made lead generation services that cater specifically to your industry and target demographics, ensuring high-quality prospects.


Lead Nurturing Programs

Comprehensive follow-up strategies and communication plans to keep potential clients engaged and move them through the sales funnel.


Bio Link Integration

Empower your company and employees with dynamic bio links that centralize your professional services. This streamlined solution simplifies how leads connect, schedule meetings, and make payments, enhancing efficiency


Lead Engagement

We speak on your behalf, connecting you with top-notch partners dedicated to effectively communicating with your leads. Our skilled partners handle all interactions, ensuring your leads receive the attention and professionalism they deserve.

Shop Lead Marketplace

Explore and purchase leads from diverse segments

Explore and purchase leads from diverse segments and regions, from restaurant owners to real estate builders. Select from a wide array of categories to precisely target your ideal customer base and expand your market reach.

Install Base Data

Identify key software users

Target customers using specific software, like Shopify, with our Install Base Data Leads. These leads provide insights into software usage patterns, enabling you to tailor your approach and connect with an audience that's already engaged with relevant technology

Event Leads

Unlock exclusive access to high-quality,event leads.

Acquire event leads to connect with a niche audience effectively. The tech event leads, for instance, put you in touch with tech enthusiasts and professionals. Harness these leads to build meaningful relationships and create impactful, industry-specific marketing strategies

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House of Cognatrix

Find Me Lead is proudly a part of cognatrix, a leading digital marketing and digital transformation company. At Cognatrix, we specialize in creating innovative solutions to elevate your digital presence. Our suite of amazing products includes -

Ready to Transform Your Networking and Lead Generation?

Start creating your custom NFC digital business cards and harness the power of our lead generation tools today.

Learn about us
Learn about us

Show case your social profiles


Make your digital business card a hub for your online presence. Add links to all your social media profiles, allowing contacts to connect with you on multiple platforms with ease.

Accept Bookings


Streamline your scheduling process by allowing contacts to book appointments directly through your digital business card. Integrate your calendar and let clients choose available slots that work for them.

Navigate the cosmos of digital marketing with Find me Lead.
Navigate the cosmos of digital marketing with Find me Lead.
The only conference you need
The only conference you need

Sell products


Transform your digital business card into a mini e-commerce platform. Showcase your products and allow customers to make purchases directly from your card.

Multi Lingual


Cater to a global audience with our multi-lingual support. Create and share digital business cards in multiple languages to connect with contacts around the world.

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We've got the answers for your questions

What is an NFC digital business card?

An NFC digital business card is a digital version of a traditional business card that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to share contact information instantly with a tap.

How does NFC technology work in these business cards?

NFC technology allows devices to communicate wirelessly when they are in close proximity. Simply tap your NFC-enabled card to another NFC device, and your contact details will be transferred.

How can I manage the leads I capture?

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to track, manage, and follow up with leads. You can view detailed analytics, set reminders, and track the progress of each lead.

How can lead generation tools help my business?

Lead generation tools streamline the process of capturing and managing potential customer information, improving your follow-up process, and ultimately increasing your conversion rates.